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A Case Study of How TensorFlow Could Help my Career

TensorFlow, a popular machine learning framework used to build deep learning models for various fields such as computer vision and natural language processing has brought a lot of opportunities in the AI market.

Take an example, in 2020, 87,261 LinkedIn job postings mentioned TensorFlow, while its competitor PyTorch had 42.285 mentions. There is a reason for such numbers. TensorFlow is backed by Google and it is widely used across other big techs such as Netflix, Twitter, etc...

With its simplicity in building models, and with its whole ecosystem made of other tools beyond the model building, no doubt that having TensorFlow in your career belt can be a game-changing opportunity.

In this article, you will learn what you can do with TensorFlow, its demand on the AI market, and how you can join this trend, and being a Professional TensorFlow Developer.

What is TensorFlow and what it is used for?

We have started saying that TensorFlow is an open-source and end-to-end deep learning framework used to build and deploy models.

With its simplicity in model building, set of tools made to get things done from visualization to deployments, and more than enough free education resources, a lot of companies have leveraged that to improve their business with Machine Learning, powered by TensorFlow.

Below are examples of where TensorFlow has been a backbone technology in recent days:

  • Image classification where the gaol is to recognize the objects or people present in image

  • Object detection in which the goal is to detect the objects and rectangle it with a box

  • Text classification such as sentiment analysis, where the input text is classified to either positive or negative reviews.

  • And more such as speech recognition, question answering & replying etc...

Beyond these lines, there is a popular notion that almost all industries are going to be transformed by AI. We hope that you too can take a part in that trend!

TensorFlow Career Benefits

The job mentions we mentioned earlier are not scams. Having the skills to build machine learning models with TensorFlow can give you a huge boost on your career. Let's take a look at some of the popular hiring sites.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for a TensorFlow Developer or Machine Learning-related role involving TensorFlow is $148.508. The maximum salary is tenths thousands above $200.000. These roles are often followed by more opportunities such as working from home, or things like stocks or other incentives, that kind of things.

There is surely potential in being a TensorFlow Developer. How can you become a professional TensorFlow Developer while also differentiating yourself with the mass?

Becoming a Professional TensorFlow Developer

This is where it gets interesting. How do you become a Professional TensorFlow Developer? It is not been long since Google released the TensorFlow Certification Program which tests the abilities of developers to build effective machine learning models in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Time Series. At the time of writing this article, only less than 2300 developers had passed the exam, worldwide.

In a crowd AI market, you want to be recognized as a professional developer and that is what the certification is for. If you would like to learn more about the certification, read more on the official page.

At the Python Academy, we have identified that a lot of people coming to learn TensorFlow and become certified need more than just raws materials or courses. This is why we have released a Get TensorFlow Certified Training Bootcamp which does power you with deep learning skills and get certified upon completing the course.

The course is conducted live so you get enough supports to complete training and certification. To learn more about this course, welcome to The Python Academy.


Here are the key take aways summarizing this article:

  • TensorFlow is a deep learning framework used to build intelligent systems

  • There are opportunities in becoming Certified TensorFlow Developer

  • The Python Academy offer TensorFlow Certification Training Bootcamp

May you get the most your upcoming career!

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