Frequently asked questions

How many hours of “homework” per week will I receive? Is it manageable while working?

Many of our students already hold part-time or full-time jobs while at The Python Academy. According to our feedback, the course load is manageable while maintaining a full time job. You can expect “number-to-number” amount of recommended homework per week.

What is the background of a typical Python Academy Student?

Regardless of your professional or educational background, you can find a home at The Python Academy. Most of are students are complete beginners when it comes to coding. Our past graduate students have come from previous work as waiters, flight attendants, security guards, and just about every other job you can think of. We pride ourselves in welcominging any and all students.

How do I take advantage of your 10% discount offered to the currently unemployed or veterans?

Simple! Just provide us proof of unemployment or your veteran status and we will automatically deduct 10% from your total tuition cost. This discount can also be applied through our financing partners.

I have coding experience. Can I test out of the intro class?

Absolutely! However, it is at the teacher’s discretion. An interview will be required.

Can minors attend The Python Academy?

Anybody can attend our classes.

What kind of computer should I have?

You will need a standard laptop with Windows 7 or !0. Macs will work, however, we do not fully support Macs.

How many students are in your online classes?

The Python Academy prefers a smaller and more intimate class size. You’ll generally be in a cohort of 15-20 students.

What jobs will I be able to obtain after graduating from your program?

After graduation, you will work with one of our many staffing partners to find a career suitable for you! If you’d like more info on the many job possibilities awaiting you please reach out to one of our career advisors located on the “Career Center” page.

By the end of the class, will I be able to build my own Apps?

Absolutely! That’s the whole point of The Python Academy, for you to be able to build and design your own projects!

How do you handle differences in coding skills?

Students come to The Python Academy with a wide range of coding skills and background. As a student, you will have the ability to partner with students of differing backgrounds, skill levels, and experience. We have found that through pairing our students, you will find many worthwhile opportunities to both learn from and mentor your classmates throughout the program.