Our Staffing Partners

Meet Your Recruiters

The Python Academy takes pride in being a dependable asset to the tech community. Our students graduate with thousands of hours of coding experience and are placed in companies such as Microsoft, Deloitte, and Google.

The Python Academy has staffing partnerships with Techligent, Tech Systems, and Insight Global. Our partners work with Fortune 1000 companies and can provide you a customized career path and development plan.

Together, we can guarantee you a career and a minimal $65,000 starting salary within three-months of graduation from our program.* Our success rate is over 70 percent.

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The Staffing Placement Process

You will work with the trained Technical Recruiters of both the Python Academy and our staffing partners to evaluate your credentials and career aspirations. We will identify the right job for you and facilitate your job search.

Step 1
Apply to a job or Submit your resume

Get Started : Browse Jobs, Submit Resume

Step 2
Phone Interview

Review work experience

Define emloyment objectives

Step 3
Face to face interview

Visit local branch

Complete prescreening

Step 4
Match Alert

Notification when a positive meets your employment objectives

Step 5
Connet your employer

Your references are contacted to review your work history and experience