Career Coaching & Practice Sessions


If you already some level of familiarity with Python, we offer belt certifications without having to take the entire course.  Here you can organize a session with one of our career coaches on Python, SQL, and Web Development. We’ll review your resume, guide your job search, and conduct prep interviews.

Career Guidance Fee: $500

Upon completion of our placement test, you will receive access to our staffing partners.

Test Fee: $150

Test your knowledge and receive your appropriate certificate!

What We Do For You

The Python Academy exists to teach you python,  develop your career, and get you hired.

Our 4 Step Process.

Step 01

Resume & Cover Letter Review

You will provide us with your resume to review, then we will help prepare you for choosing the right career path and appropriate job placement.

Step 02

Job Search & Staffing Partnership

We will introduce you to our staffing partners to begin your job search. You will then learn the best methods to conduct a job search in your chosen field of development and how best to leverage our alumni network. 

Step 03

Interview Prep

All of our students are required to practice both technical and non-technical interview preparations. We want to make sure you are both comfortable and ready to ace any and all interviews.

Step 04

Job Placement

Congratulations!  Welcome to your new job!  You are now a proud member of our family and alumni network.

What Companies Are Saying


“The developer we hired from The Python Academy has been a fantastic addition to our team! Unlike other boot-camp applicants, their graduate came with the foundational knowledge and practical skills we need in our fast-paced company.”


“We turn to the python academy to keep our employees updated on the skills most-in demand by our clients. Thus far, they have not disappointed!” 


“The Python Academy is a foundational learning institution in the Washington DC community. Our sponsored employee’s training at their academy gave our team the edge we needed to help finish a key project on-time and implemented in perfect condition.”