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Why Get TensorFlow Certified

TensorFlow is a titan of Deep Learning. It is the most popular Deep Learning framework in the world with almost 100 million downloads. And there is simply no way around it if you want to proclaim being proficient in Data Science.

By getting your Tensorflow Certification, you will:

  1. Gain official recognition, by Tensorflow (part of Google), that you are proficient in this deep learning library

  2. Gain the official title of "Tensorflow Developer"

  3. Join the exclusive Tensorflow Developer Network, which only has about 2,000 members currently


Read the TensorFlow Developer Certificate Candidate Handbook to learn more about the certification process. 


Get Certified in 12 weeks! How?

  • Our classes are taught by Tensorflow Certified Instructors 

  • We offer a comprehensive course with practical homework

  • A complete 5-hour exam overview is included

  • Practice exams to help you feel more prepared

  • Private tutoring is also available upon request


Sign up for our Q&A session and get all your questions answered about the upcoming class starting 9/14/2021. 

The next Q&A Session Starts in

Meet The Instructors

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TensorFlow Certified Machine

Learning Engineer

Check out his LinkedIn Profile

Jean de Dieu Nyandwi is a TensorFlow Certified Machine Learning Engineer. One of Jean's ambitions is to help people around the world to learn about Machine Learning. He is actively sharing intuitive contents and best practices in Data Science communities on his LinkedIn page and is a contributor to Analytics Vidhya. Jean seeks to share his knowledge with the world and help you succeed in your Machine Learning endeavors.

Download the Bootcamp curriculum with The Python Academy


Ammar Mohanna

PhD Candidate, M.S. Software Engineering

Check out his LinkedIn Profile

Ammar Mohanna is a TensorFlow Certified Machine Learning Engineer. Ammar believes in sharing fruitful knowledge and connecting with the community of AI enthusiasts.

After finishing his Software Engineering masters degree, Ammar decided to go into research to consolidate his knowledge in his preferred domain, artificial intelligence.
Ammar is currently a second year Ph.D. candidate and is working in the domain of embedded artificial intelligence for maritime safety. He is very active on LinkedIn and would love to hear from anyone facing problem's or having any doubts in his field of expertise.

Download the Bootcamp curriculum with The Python Academy

The Market Demand For Machine Learning

The popularity of Tensorflow has skyrocketted

job market TF.png

Many jobs are starting to require Machine Learning knowedge



Joseph verghese.png
Joseph Verghese
Consultant, Guidehouse

"The Python Academy has been an unforgettable experience for me. The Data Analysis curriculum is second to none and has been key to strengthening my consulting skills in Guidehouse."

vaughn williams.png
Vaughn Williams
Data Scientist, Boeing

“The greatest factor that led me to take The Python Academy's Python for Machine Learning is the fast-paced evolution of the industry in terms of tech, the competitiveness of the job market, as well as my own ambition."


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