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Why you should learn Python

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

The syntax is simple and clear

Python is a programming language that is very close to natural speaking language. Therefore, learning Python can help you understand programming better, even for a complete beginner.

Python's syntax design is very good and its thinking is modern, which can help us understand some of the ideas of modern programming languages faster.

Python's strict code requirements, especially indentation, help beginners develop good coding habits.

Python has a huge community

You need a community to learn new technologies. You are often stuck with one problem or another, and you need help at that time.

With Google, you can find a solution to any Python-related problem in minutes. Communities such as StackOverflow also bring together many Python experts to help newcomers.

Clear the built-in data structure

Python's built-in data structure is clear and easy to use. C language provides a little less, while PHP is a little messy. Python maintains a clear and easy to use data structure that includes many libraries and lots of excellent code.


Python is like a Swiss army knife. It is not only related to one thing, such as R is good for data science and machine learning, but it cannot be used for web development

Learning Python means you can do many things. You can use Django and Flask to create your web applications, and you can use NumPy, Scipy, Scikit-Learn, and NLTK for data analysis.

At the very least, you can use Python to write scripts to automate many daily tasks.

Jobs and Growth

Python is developing very rapidly and becoming more and more important. There are plenty of jobs for Python programmers. If you are just starting your programming career, it makes sense to learn a major programming language that is constantly evolving.

It can not only help you find a job quickly, but also accelerate your career development.

Python Certifications

While the field of Data Science has many disciplines, when it comes to programming the two most popular and widely used programming languages used are Python and R. While R has been used primarily over the past twenty years, Python has been the fastest growing language for Data Science in recent years.

Python is a dynamic programming language that has been widely used for more than twenty years. Python is being used by many large tech corporations and has a vast number of applications across all industries.

Employment in the IT sector is expected to rise in coming years and there is currently a huge demand for Data Scientists. Therefore, the salaries for these positions are increasing as well.

One good way to make yourself stand out and validate your skills is to get Python Certified! Getting certified in Python will not only help you land a higher paying position, it will also lead to new and better career opportunities as well.

Sign up Today for our next 4-week Foundations of Python series and get started with your new career today!

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