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Tensorflow Certification Turned 1 Year: Success Stories and How to be A Certified Developer

It's been a year since TensorFlow, an industry-leading machine learning framework released a certificate program to help TensorFlow developers showcase their development skills. More than 3000 developers across the globe have taken and passed the certification exam.

Being a TensorFlow Certified Developer comes with huge advantages. One of such advantages is being a part of the worldwide network of TensorFlow Certified Developers, where skilled individuals can be seen easily by potential recruiters.

The Python Academy has been one of the first organizations providing the training Bootcamp fully designed to help people crack the TensorFlow certificate exam, and graduate with useful skills for building AI and machine learning applications.

A lot of people underestimate the opportunities that a certificate like TensorFlow can provide. It is true that many certificates lack a structure, but the TensorFlow certificate is very distinguishable from these average certificates.

In this post, we want to share some success stories and link to you how you can join the league.

Success Story 1: Fran, Conversational AI Engineer at Google

Fran is a Conversational AI Engineer at Google. In the early days of the pandemic, she lost her job. After she took the exam, the rest are history.

Here are her own words:

“Lost my job due to COVID 1 month before taking the exam, hired by Google in August, I think this certification helped a lot for my resume to be selected for interviews :)

Image Source: Google I/O ML Keynote

Success Story 2: Kia, Machine Learning Curriculum Developer

Kia is based in Indonesia. Due to TensorFlow and its certification, She is now an ML Curriculum Developer at online technology education platform in Indonesia.

In her kind words, she said:

“I was a stay-at-home mom when I started to learn Machine Learning at Google Bangkit Academy back in 2020. Bangkit supported us to take TF Certification and with this certificate, I was able to get back to work after years of hiatus. My current role is Machine Learning Curriculum Developer in Dicoding, an online technology education platform in Indonesia."

These two stories are taken from TensorFlow, celebrating an anniversary of a year. There are so many other successful stories, and we at the Python Academy have had a 100% pass rate for all of our learners.

How to be a Certified TensorFlow Developer?

Either you are starting your machine learning career, or you are interested in learning (by doing) machine learning and pass the TensorFlow certificate, you want to take a course that is designed to provide you with in-depth and practical skills in building machine learning applications, and yes, pass the exam as well.

Check out our comprehensive TensorFlow Master Course, fully designed to help you crack the TensorFlow certificate exam, and be one of the few thousands of skilled developers who have only been able to pass the exam so far.

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