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2020 Market Overview

A common theme of questions asked by students, at The Python Academy Career Center, is which career path is right for them? Students often wonder, in what industries is the greatest demand for Python growing? Should the student focus on developing skills in Robotic Process Automation, Data Science, or SQL? Which companies do most of our alumni end up working for? These are all fantastic questions and are a positive sign that you are truly dedicated to becoming a fully-fledged Python developer. At The Python Academy, we are here to help you every step of the way. Our 2020 Market Overview for Python answers many of these questions. And as always, we recommend reaching out to our career center for a personalized 1-on-1 meeting on career guidance. In 2020, Python Coding is the third most in-demand skill for jobs in the United States. Python is an object-orientated, high-level programming language with an easy-to-learn syntax. Its interpreted and object-oriented architecture makes it ideal for all types of software solutions. The programming language is used across nearly every industry from creating simple components to complex enterprise applications.

According to the Popularity of Programming Language Index, Python’s use has grown 16.8% over the last 5 years, while the TIOBE Index places Python as the 3rd most used language in the world. Indeed, current trends indicate that the demand for Python Programmers will grow 9% YoY for the next 10-years. The growing demand for skills in Python coding will primarily be centered around three areas: Data Science, Web Development, and Machine Learning. Python and skills in Data Science has seen significant YoY growth. The Data Science industry is expected to double in size by 2024, with particular development in three Data Science Libraries:

· Pandas: a software library designed for data manipulation and analysis. It offers data structures and operations for manipulating numerical tables and time series.

· NumPy: adds support for large multi-dimensional arrays and matrices and provides high-level mathematical functions.

· Matplotlib: A 2D plotting library which produces figures in a variety of hardcopy formats and interactive environments across platforms.

You can grow these skills in Data Science at The Python Academy through our Python for Data Analysis and Python for Predictive Modeling courses.

Web Development has always been a core component of Python. Students wishing to specialize in this field should understand that there is significant competition – although, this is equally balanced by a healthy and growing market need for web developers. Python skills in web development focus on:

· Django: a high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean pragmatic design.

· Flash: Python web framework built with a small core and easy-to-extend philosophy.

The Python Academy’s Foundations of Python course serves as an excellent portal and stepping stone for Web Development.

Machine Learning represents the peak of one’s knowledge in Python coding. And in fact, your achievement of The Python Academy Black Belt places you in the top 5% of competitive applicants for companies like IBM or Google. Already, the “Machine Learning Revolution” is being seen in the fields of finance, healthcare, retail, advertising and media; with an expected market capitalization of $5.05 billion by 2021. Some key skillsets with Machine Learning and Python can be applied across the following industries:

· Finance:

  • Designing Financial Services Applications

  • Quantitative Financial Analysis

· Insurance:

  • Building Advanced Insurance Applications

  • Data Science & Machine Learning to better understand price risk

· Healthcare:

  • Building Advanced Medical & Healthcare Applications

· Oil & Gas:

  • Automating test equipment through Robotic Process Automation

  • Building predictive models to solve common petroleum engineering problems

· Automotive:

  • Developing & Testing new Automotive Systems

According to LinkedIn, both machine learning engineers and data scientists are some of the most sought-after jobs of 2020. Likewise, research from Indeed finds that there are over 74,000 job postings seeking skills in the Machine Learning and Data Science skillsets in Python. The Python Academy recommends for students to first specialize in either Data Science or Machine Learning and from there choose an industry (e.g. finance, healthcare, or fashion) that best resonates with them.

Following the student’s chosen career path and their successful achievement of The Python Academy certificates, our career center will arrange interviews between you and our key staffing partners: Techligent, Tech Systems, and Insight Global. Together, we can guarantee you a career and a minimal $65,000 starting salary. Our success rate is over 80%. We believe so strongly in our certificates and course instruction that we even offer a near complete refund if you fail to be placed in a new job within three-months of graduation from our program.

In order to gain access to our Staffing Partners you must have successfully completed both the Foundation of Python & Python for Data Analysis classes. These courses are also available in the Data Analysis Bundle.

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