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Part 1

Overview of the TensorFlow Certificate Exam

  • Why giving attention to TF Exam?

  • Candidate Handbook Overview

  • Effective preparation

Part 2

Introduction to TensorFlow for Machine Learning

  • Intro to Deep Neural Networks

  • Intro to TensorFlow

  • A Recipe to Computer Vision

  • A Recipe Convolutional Neural Networks

  • Using Real-World datasets

  • Concluding Lab

Part 3

Computer Vision with TensorFlow

  • Intro to Computer Vision

  • Data Augmentation

  • Transfer Learning

  • Multiclass Classification

  • Concluding Lab

Part 4

Natural Language Processing With TensorFlow

  • Intro to NLP

  • Text sentiments

  • Word Embeddings

  • Sequence Models

  • Sequence Models and Literature

  • Concluding Lab

Part 5

Sequence, Time Series and Prediction

  • Sequences and Prediction

  • Deep Neural Networks for Time Series

  • Recurrent Neural Networks for time series

  • Real-world time series data

  • Concluding Lab

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